Home Savings Account for First Time Buyers

Author: Kim Schillig | June 23, 2017

Save For Downpayments and Closing Costs Tax-Free

Home Savings Account for First Time Buyers is a dedicated, tax-free savings account program that would offer first-time homebuyers an opportunity to save for downpayments and closing costs tax-free.


Color Matters! The Easiest $5,400 you've ever made!

Author: Rich Vogelzang | June 6, 2017

Increase Your Home Sale Price by $5,400 by Adding Some Color

A recent paint color analysis by Zillow found that homes with blue bathrooms sold for an average of $5,400 or more -- powder blue or shades of periwinkle to be precise. For exteriors, homes with neutral tones sold for nearly $4,000 more.
The color blue could put an extra $5400 in your pocket

4 Tips for Curb Appeal Landscaping

Author: Verne Folkmann | May 19, 2017

Top Tips for Planting Curb Appeal 

This is perhaps the best time of year to enjoy your landscape. The hostas emerge, robins and cardinals abound, and bright annuals promise summer color. It’s undeniable—your home looks and feels so much fresher. Improving and maintaining your yard and garden is a great way to add value, including the intangible value of your own enjoyment. And improvements will lure potential buyers when it’s time to sell. 

5 Tips to Avoiding Homeowner Headaches

Author: Deborah Mulford | May 17, 2017

Keep Your Home in Top Shape with These 5 Maintenance Tips

I’ve recently experienced several home maintenance issues and want to share some precautions that could save you some money and headaches.  Following are the lessons I learned:

Get All The Facts About PMI

Author: Rich Vogelzang | May 2, 2017

What is Private Mortgage Insurance?

When it comes to buying a home, whether it is your first time or your fifth, it is always important to know all the facts. With the large number of mortgage programs available that allow buyers to purchase a home with a down payment below 20%, you can never have too much information about Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI).

Freddie Mac defines PMI as:

Keep It Clean

Author: Steve Sherman | May 2, 2017

When Selling Your House…Cleanliness is Next to Godliness

Whether you are a Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim, or avowed Atheist…the old saying about keeping it clean is never truer than when trying to sell your house. The Iowa City real estate market is experiencing a very hot market. Especially, the condos and Zero-Lot Duplexes. They are selling virtually overnight and at full price.

Summer of Fun!

Author: Emily Farber | April 27, 2017

Take advantage of Iowa's beautiful summers with these fun summer events.

Thinking of Selling? Now is the Time to Act!

Author: Rich Vogelzang | April 25, 2017

It's a sellers market as demand is high and inventory remains low

If you thought about selling your house this year, now may be the time to do it.  The inventory of homes for sale is well below historic norms and buyer demand is skyrocketing.  We were still in high school when we learned the concept of supply and demand: the best time to sell something is when supply of that item is low and demand for that item is high.  That defines today’s real estate market.

Things Realtors Find When Showing Homes!

Author: Terri Larson | April 19, 2017

If you want to hurt your chances of selling your home, follow these examples! 

Most home sellers worry about the cleanliness and staging of their home.  Some worry about the number of people coming through because of their “possessions”, whether they be artful and rare or shabby and not chic.

Learn About Sustainable Homes on April 19th in Coralville

Author: Verne Folkmann | April 14, 2017



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