House Love

5 Ways to Love Your Home

While Valentine’s Day is more of a romantic holiday, there’s no reason you can’t show your home a little love this February.  The winters in Iowa get long and seem like there’s not an end in site, so falling in love with spaces of your home that may no longer spark joy is an easy way to add a little warmth to your soul.  Here are our favorite (and easy) tips to show your home some love:

Choose 10 things that no longer spark joy. Trying to KonMari your home may seem a bit overwhelming, so finding 10 items in your home to donate, throw away or repurpose is a lot more approachable.  If you want to donate your items more consciously, this post by Thyme Is Honey shares how you can be more conscious when decluttering and organizing your home.

Let there be light. If things are feeling a bit dark and dreary in a particular room, take a look at your window treatments.  Swap out heavy drapes for light and flowy ones.  If you have a deep colored curtain change it out for one that’s lighter in color.

Add a coat of paint. Painting a whole room can be time-consuming, but consider upcycling a piece you once loved with a coat of paint, slipcover, or have it reupholstered.

Don’t underestimate the power of a houseplant.  Adding a bit of life to your home can well… add a bit of life to your home! A well-placed fern, grass or succulent can camouflage eyesores or give a table or corner some pop!  Not to mention the wellness and health benefits of having plants in your home.

Clean. Get a jump start on the spring cleaning movement and choose one room in your home and give it a deep clean.  Mop floors, dust shelves, rearrange some furniture, etc.  Taking it one room at a time can be less overwhelming and brighten your day, even if it takes a little elbow grease.

What are your favorite ways to show your house some love?