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For Buyers: How to Have a Happy House Hunt

LKR Agent guest post by Verne Folkmann

You’ve enlisted the help of a REALTOR, driven through all the desirable neighborhoods, and zeroed in on how many bedrooms and bathrooms you really need. When it’s time to actually go look at homes, consider these tips—based on personal experience—to help you enjoy the house hunt.

  1. First, don’t overschedule yourself and stay focused. Make sure you’re not rushing from a meeting or constantly checking your smartphone. Consider taking notes and/or photos of each property to help you remember their distinct qualities. A thoughtful REALTOR should not line up more than six to eight homes; buyers really can’t take in the details on more than eight properties in a day. Your REALTOR should point out both positive and negative aspects to each home.
  2. Leave young children with Grandma or a sitter. Although it’s fun for kids to see their potential new home, they may distract you from noticing features and asking good questions. Stopping for snacks or an infant feeding may inconvenience the seller who is waiting to return home or your agent who is eager to show you the next property on time.
  3. Remember that you are entering someone else’s home. Be respectful of their space and belongings, and please take off your shoes or wear booties. Take care not to let any pets escape. I once had to chase a cat around a house several times before coaxing it back inside!
  4. Even if your daytime schedule is demanding, ask your REALTOR for a showing before dark. It is impossible to see a home’s character and condition after dark. With your REALTOR, inspect the exterior for rotting, peeling paint, a deteriorating roof, or settling of the retaining walls and sidewalks.
  5. Enjoy the hunt! Looking at a variety of homes will help you narrow your priorities and help you identify extra features you’d enjoy the most.

Verne Folkmann, | REALTOR®