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Why the Stock Market Correction Probably Won...

Mar 25, 2020
With the housing crash of 2006-2008 still visible in the rear-view mirror, many people are concerned the current co [more]
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3 Reasons Why This Is Not a Housing Crisis

Mar 20, 2020
In times of uncertainty, one of the best things we can do to ease our fears is to educate ourselves with research, [more]
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Feel Confident Buying your First Home

Mar 11, 2020
Buying your first home can seem overwhelming.  Thankfully, there's a lot of great information out there to help you [more]
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Explained: What is Radon?

Sep 07, 2018
Did you know that 5 in 7 homes in Iowa have elevated radon levels? Radon is a dangerous gas that can seep into you [more]
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House Hunting Tips for Empty Nesters

May 09, 2018
Often times when couples become empty nesters, they realize they don't need all the extra space around their houses [more]
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Why Real Estate is a Good Investment

Apr 06, 2018
Since 2008, real estate mortgage interest rates have bottomed out several times as a tool by the Federal Reserve.By [more]
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Steps to Buying Your Home

Mar 28, 2018
Whether you're a first-time home buyer, up-sizing from a condo to a house, or downsizing - buying a new home is an [more]
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For Buyers: How to Have a Happy House Hunt

Aug 16, 2017
You’ve enlisted the help of a REALTOR, driven through all the desirable neighborhoods, and zeroed in on how many be [more]
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Color Matters! The Easiest $5,400 You'll Ever Make

Color Matters! The Easiest $5,400 You’...

Jun 06, 2017
Increase Your Home Sale Price by $5,400 by Adding Some Color.
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