Keeping the Holiday Spirit Alive During COVID-19

From going to school or work to grocery shopping and visiting the doctor, 2020 has had a whirlwind of changes.  With the holiday season in full swing, it’s important to recognize that some of our favorite traditions and celebrations may look a little different this year, too.  The good news is that holiday traditions do not have to stop! By following the recommendations from your local news sources, thinking outside of the box, and continuing social distancing, This holiday season will be filled with memories with your loved ones!

Get Creative

This year it’s important to get creative with your holiday traditions! Whether that means more zoom “get togethers”, having your kids virtually see Santa, or making a paper dreidel, there are a ton of traditions that can still happen with a pandemic going on.  Even if that means getting a little creative and making adjustments to your current traditions, there are still a number of ways to celebrate this season! Here’s a list of a few things to get you in the holiday spirit:

Decorate your home: Bring in a little holiday cheer by decorating your home for the holidays.  Staying at home this year is even more of a reason to turn your home into a winter wonderland!

Have a cooking or baking competition: Whether you want to see who can make the best green bean casserole or who has the most creative gingerbread house, hosting a cook-off can be a fun way to fill your time at the holidays this season!  The best dish can win a small prize or get out of clean up duties after your holiday dinner!

Have a holiday movie marathon: Netflix is offering tons of holiday movies and tv series this season.  Pop some seasonal popcorn and flip on a movie that the whole family will enjoy!

Host a virtual party, recipe swap, or Secret Santa: Just because you can’t actually see your friends or family in person, doesn’t mean you can’t carry on your traditions.  This year, organize your virtual party or Secret Santa on Zoom!

Drive around and check out holiday decorations: If you get sick of staying in the house, take a drive around your neighborhood and check out everyone’s holiday decorations!

Cut down your own Christmas tree at a farm: Cutting down your own Christmas tree this year is a great way to support local farmers and get out of the house!  There are tons of Christmas Tree farms that are open this year and are ready to bring you holiday cheer!

Send letters or gifts to loved ones: Everyone loves to receive handwritten cards, but a lot of people don’t send them anymore! Take the time this year to handwrite your holiday cards and send them to your friends and family!

Even though things this year might look a little different, you can still safely enjoy favorite family traditions or create new ones to cherish. However you choose to celebrate this year, we wish you a safe, healthy, and happy holiday season!