How to Prepare Your Home for Fall Weather

We are well into Autumn and this means that homeowners have a few extra maintenance issues to complete before colder weather sets in!  Though it may seem like a bit of a chore, completing fall home maintenance is much easier to do when the weather is still moderate. Take advantage of the cool, sunny days we are having and complete these 10 fall maintenance tasks before the first snowfall!

1. Prep your lawn for winter

You may be cheering a silent “hooray,” because the heavy grass-mowing season is coming to an end. But before you prepare for shoveling and de-icing, prep your lawn for winter weather. Give your shrubs one last pruning and take care of weeds in your lawn’s main focal points.  You can also consider pre-fertilizing for next year and aerating your lawn to prepare for winter!

2. Clear your gutters

The last thing you want in the middle of winter is frozen gutters. Allow them to do their job by making sure they’re cleaned out for the season. Can’t reach the buried spaces? Hire a professional to help you get your gutters winter-ready.

3. Remove window air conditioning units

If you do not currently have a central HVAC system, it is time to remove your window air conditioning units. It may seem like no big deal to leave them in for the duration of the winter, but they could cause unnecessary drafts and extra energy costs for your family.

4. Inspect your HVAC system

Speaking of heating your home as the cold season approaches, fall is a good time to have your HVAC system maintained too. Replace your furnace filters and have a service professional make sure your entire system is running at its best before cold weather settles in.

5. Inspect your entryways for drafts

In addition to any gaps left by older air conditioning units, fall is a great time to check for cool air that could be seeping in through windows and doors. Before winter’s chill settles in, cover any gaping holes along your entryways. When cold weather hits, your home will be nice and cozy.  If you do have large gaps in your doorways, weather stripping is a cheap and easy way to keep the cool air out and keep those electricity bills down.

6. Examine your walkways

While it is not quite time for shoveling snow and ice, fall is the perfect time to make sure your driveway and walkways are free from debris or cracks that could cause damage during colder months. You’ll want to make sure these areas are safe before snow and ice add extra hazards too.

7. Address outdoor water supplies

You may still be doing some watering outside, but it is time to think about shutting off exterior faucets and draining hoses for the winter season. When freezing temperatures arrive, you’ll want to make sure these outdoor water suppliers don’t freeze up.

8. Prep your emergency supplies

This home maintenance must-do should be done all throughout the year, but if you do not have an emergency supply kit prepared, get one ready now. Stock up on dry goods, water, flashlights, blankets, batteries and other supplies that could get your family through a few days in case of extreme weather conditions.

9. Clean dryer vents

An often-overlooked home maintenance issue, dryer vents can be a hazard when cool, dry weather takes over. At a minimum, built-up lint could cause your dryer to be less efficient. In a worst-case scenario, it could cause a house fire. Make it a priority to clean out your vents this fall.

10. Check your chimney

Fall is the time to cozy up next to your fireplace, right? But first, make sure your chimney is clean!  You should also always check to make sure no animals have built a nest in the chimney during the off-season.   Call in a professional to ensure you’re safe to build warm fires all winter long.

Once your maintenance tasks are complete and your home is fall-ready, breathe in that crisp, cool air and admire autumn’s awesome colors around you!